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The idea of paying your dues … that’s basically what fakin’ it ‘til you make it is. That's you payin’ your dues. You say yes to everything and figure it out along the way … and, just work really hard if you want to be good.”

I didn’t know what to draw

In this episode, I sit down with a colleague Eli Neugeboren.  He is an illustrator and educator who teaches and reside in Brooklyn, NY. He has amassed over 1000 different illustrations from his ongoing project Drawing the News and is not stopping anytime soon.

We discuss Eli’s trajectory from a painter to retoucher, to educator and illustrator — and his collaboration with WTF Just Happened Today. Also, we find out why it’s important to have a recognizable visual drawing style, how putting in the work is the key to success(in his case anyway), and why working with your kids as your art directors is some of the most rewarding work you can do.

Great learning from your hard work, thanks Eli!

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Ice Breakers

This or That

Coffee or Tea
Toast or Bagel
Rock or Hip-Hop
Beatles of Rolling Stones
Biggie or Tupac
Beer or Wine

Word Association

Creativity: Art
Design: Modern
Art: Me
Business: Money
Failure: Up
Clients: Hell
Mistakes: Are Made
Tools: For Use
Skills: To Pay the Bills
Opportunity: Knocks
Future: Bright
Risk: Averse
Process: Continuity


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Listen to more Episodes