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The WIP Podcast Giveaway

Wow, I can't believe it's only been a month since I released this podcast and I am overwhelmed by the positive responses from my guests and especially from you, the listeners! I began this podcast as just a way to share and add longevity to the conversations I've had with friends on their creative process. Thanks to listener feedback though, I now understand that also hearing about how other creatives go about their routines, work with or gain clientele, or have powered through a creative block can be inspiring and helpful to any artist!

So, I want to say thank you, AND also get a lil' nudge on the Apple Podcast charts. This whole experience is new to me and I value you as a listener, so let's help each other out. :)

Special thanks to my wonderful guests who are helping to spread the word about my Works in Process podcast and donating some SWAG for y'all.

Here’s What You Can Win By Entering:

A post shared by Natalie Cooperman (@nattmade) on

A signed original piece of artwork from Natalie Cooperman aka Nattmade

A Double sided "Everyone Makes Mistaekes" poster by Michael Braley

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A #DrawingTheNews in memoriam postcard set (4-pack) from Eli Neugeboren

A sketchbook and pencil set from David Soto

To enter and win, just follow these steps!

1. Click the link to the Works in Process Apple podcast page. (keep this page open to finalize your submission)

2. When on the page, click blue "View in iTunes" button to open iTunes on your computer or on your phone.

3. Click the subscribe button.

4. Then click Ratings & Reviews

5. Click stars to rate (5 is best ;) and write an honest review of the show. All you need is a rating, a title, and a review.

6. Click Submit. Almost done ...

7. Fill out the form below. It will alert me of your entry in the WIP Podcast Giveaway and I will be on the look for your review to confirm your entry.

* when you have succesfully subscribed your info will disapper from the fields.

Good luck & thanks for listening! More episode coming soon!

Giveaway Ends November 30th!

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