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Hey, my name is George Garrastegui Jr. — I design, I teach and I flesh out creative ideas … and now I’m starting a podcast.

Works In Process, the podcast that asks the hows and whys behind the creative work. Creativity is oversaturated with the final results—Whether it be a painting, the words you write, or that elegant piece in your portfolio. We seem to find completed and beautified work across the web, but what steps did it actually take to get there? Talk a ride with me, Designer and Educator George Garrastegui, as I learn from my guests that there’s no one way to being a creative, but endless possibilities fueled by passion, purpose, and of course process.

It’s not always about what you do, but how you do it!

Note to my former geusts:

In 2017, I started A little something to interview the creative people I knew and elevate them and understand their struggles. It was a new creative venture called Works in Process, a podcast. I’ve come a long way in the last four years with the amazing creative people (you) that I’ve been able to interview.

The podcast, the insight, and various ways of working continue to shape my viewpoint of creativity today. Thank you all for trusting me with your stories. Thank you for teaching me alternative approaches. Thank you for starting this journey with me.

George Garrastegui, Jr. is a design educator and creative consultant in New York City. He has a background in publishing, marketing, and strategy, which has allowed him to craft solutions for brands such as Esquire, Ford, Cadillac, and Popular Mechanics. George now focuses on teaching strategic problem-solving at CUNY’s NYC College of Technology (City Tech) and hosts a podcast, Works in Process, that explores artists’ and designers’ methodologies.

George is fueled by the pursuit of uncovering ways to give emerging designers access and opportunities as a member of both the AIGA DEI initiative and 100 Roses from Concrete.

Over the years, he’s learned that there’s no one way to be a creative, but endless possibilities fueled by passion, purpose, and process.


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