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The ruler’s always straight.

“Instagram … that’s basically my second portfolio. I have gotten more work using my Instagram page that with my regular portfolio. It’s because I am able to share my process.” — David Soto, Graphic Designer, Hand Letterer, Forever a student.

In this episode, I talk to a long time friend, David Soto. He is a graphic designer for fashion, a letterer, and he has created quite a following for himself on Instagram. David continues to connect with his 20k+ followers by establishing an open dialogue with like-minded type aficionados.

I get the inside scoop on what self-propelled him to dig back in and re educate himself on the ins-and outs of custom lettering. He discusses the frustration of searching for the “right” typeface to now being able to create what is in his sketch book exactly. He also finds ways to keep client relationships open and intact while not overextend himself. But some of the most valuable advice Davis shares is about building his brand and the role of consistency: Be consistent in what you post. Be consistent in when you post. Be consistent in how you engage with your audience.

And above all, don’t force it, be authentic — building a brand, like good design— takes time.

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