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The ability to make something look finished, which I think is both a strength and a weakness … because then you can make anything look good regardless of whether it makes sense or not. If you’re not doing things for the right reasons, with the right thinking behind it and you’re just worried about how it looks on Behance, and how many likes it’s going to get you’re doing is wrong!”

—Armin Vit: Designer, Educator, & My Own Intern

Images above via UCLLC by Kara Smarsh

It’s not about you.

He is co-founder and one half of the dynamic duo the constitutes the design firm Under Consideration. I catch up with him today from his house in Bloomington Indiana where he and his wife Byrony focus on many extensions of their UC brand. They have written books and created a multitude of blogs that cover various aspects of design. And now run an annual conference called Brand New, which focuses on the showcase corporate and brand identity work. Most recently they have created an offshoot of that called First Rounds. This one-day event is a showcase of original presentations made to clients showing the initial design explorations phase— it’s what I’ll be talking to him extensively about. So now let’s get into a conversation with Armin and hear how it all started.

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An educator, designer, and a creative catalyst, George is a native New Yorker who started a podcast in 2017, because he didn't like to write. He also wanted a way to learn and chronicle varied ways or making. We hope you enjoy his journey.

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