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I kind of feel if I know how to do it, too well, then I’m not having fun— I’m more like executing. So the moment that you shut off and just start doing the same thing that you did for somebody else, or kind of project, again and again, you’re kind of losing what makes it so special. So yeah, just get out there and do it!’

—Dan Castro, Director, Art Director, Editor

Pivot! Adjusting the narrative.

Our guest, Dan Castro, is a photographer, motion designer, and director from New York by way of St. Louis. We chatted about his career journeys and how each step of the way is able to pivot to something new. We also touched on how his collaboration with other creatives on passion projects helps his studio, Sky Pie, expand what they’re able to produce.

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00:00Intro 4:23Who is Dan Castro? 6:41Doing the work 13:45Putting yourself out there 17:45NYCFotoWorks 25:25The transition to stop motion 32:09Adapting to the situation 37:08Client work vs personal work 46:25Sky Pie and collaboration 51:07Sweet Lies 63:01Confidence in your art

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