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Embrace other mediums:

My best advice is that if you like to talk, you can write! It’s pretty much the same thing—just record yourself and have your ideas flow out that way. You shouldn’t feel stymied because you’re using a different medium to communicate. I really think especially for faculty and designers who teach, it’s really an extension of what you say, in the classroom.”

—Prof Robin Landa, Distinguished Professor + Author

Clarity of the Communication.

Robin Landa is a Distinguished Professor at the Michael Graves College at Kean University. She has written twenty-three books about creativity, graphic design, advertising design, branding, and drawing, including Nimble: Thinking Creatively in The Digital Age, Graphic Design Solutions, 6th ed., Designing Brand Experiences, and Advertising by Design, 4th ed.  She is now working on a new book aimed at business professionals for Routledge. And she is working on a book proposal with Rich Tu, VP of Design at MTV and Viacom.

She is also a Co-Chair on the governance board of Design Incubation, a design research and practice organization.

We chat about how she started her career as a writer—and what routines she has created to be “non-negotiable” to maintain her output. She also shares her passion for teaching and giving back to the next generation. I hope you can find something that works for you, enjoy!




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An educator, designer, and a creative catalyst, George is a native New Yorker who started a podcast in 2017, because he didn't like to write. He also wanted a way to learn and chronicle varied ways or making. We hope you enjoy his journey.

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