Jessica Oddi

Creative Environments Need Accessibility Too

I wanna get into how we can make our environments as accessible as our design process. We need more classes in schools so that younger and even newer designers can actually learn the basics from the start and it implemented into their design work.
I want agency, design, and corporate design spaces to adapt a more accessible and good life balance, even just for their designers. And I feel like that’s where we need to go to get better designs out there from the foundations.”

—Jessica Oddi/ Disabled Designer, Freelance Graphic/Web Designer, Accessibility Design

Accessibility from the Start

That’s my guest Jessica Oddi. Jessica is a designer with a passion for disabled spaces. She’s been freelancing for over 10 years and has had the privilege of working with incredible groups across the globe. Jessica is in the dream phase of Access Design Collective, which hopes to learn from disabled creatives one interview at a time.

In this episode, Jessica discusses her espresso-fueled craft, her passion for disabled spaces, and her goal to empower communities.

Key Takeaways from our conversation:

  • Identity-first Language
  • How Yahoo reached out to Jessica for Global Accessibility Day
  • The difference between Alt Text and image description web and social media.
  • Ways to include accessibility from the start of projects.

I hope you learn as much as I did during this conversation. Enjoy!!

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People Mentioned:

Companies / Sites Mentioned:

Access Design Collective –

Access Design Collective [archive project I’m building in 2023 to accumulate disabled perspectives in design].

The Disabled Life –

The Disabled Life [a funny space where my sister Lianna [lee-anna] and I document the perks and jerks of living the disabled life].

WCAG= Web Content Accessibility Guidelines –

The A11Y project –

Disability & Philanthropy Forum –

Àròko Cooperative –

Where Are the Black Designers? –

Color Blindness Simulator –


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