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The Journey of Racism Untaught (Podcast Crossover)

We’re delighted to share that the Works in Process podcast is the proud first episode of the groundbreaking “Racism Untaught” podcast. Our guests, Lisa Mercer and Terresa Moses, co-authors of the “Racism Untaught” book, are on a mission to dismantle racism with their wealth of knowledge and passion.

Lisa Mercer, an associate professor at the University of Illinois, has focused her career on anti-racism work. Terresa Moses, an assistant professor of graphic design at the University of Minnesota, is dedicated to the liberation of black and brown people. Together, they’ve co-authored the enlightening “Racism Untaught.”

Lisa Mercer and Terresa Moses discuss the evolution of their anti-racism framework. They stress the importance of recognizing space, time, and culture in their work, emphasizing the need for collective liberation. “Racism Untaught” is a remarkable toolkit for disrupting normative design practices and addressing racism and oppression. The authors encourage readers to use the book as a starting point and add their own experiences to the conversation, all in pursuit of inclusive outcomes and measuring the impact of their efforts.

Works in Process is thrilled to partner with “Racism Untaught” and produce this insightful podcast. Lisa Mercer and Terresa Moses are pioneering change in the fight against racism, and their podcast promises to be a valuable resource for those committed to a more just and equitable world. Stay tuned for more episodes as they collectively work toward a brighter future.


  • “Racism Untaught” provides a framework and toolkit for addressing racism in various contexts.
  • Acknowledging space, time, and culture is crucial in dismantling racism.
  • Discomfort and self-reflection are necessary for growth and change.
  • Collective liberation involves amplifying underrepresented voices and breaking down oppressive structures.



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