Lisa Pertoso — Am I a writer because I write?

Lisa Pertoso: design facilitator, writer, and comedian. In this episode, our guest is Lisa Pertoso. She teaches experiential learning processes to companies and organizations, and she writes.

"…in my younger years I did a lot of thinking and obviously talking myself out of doing a lot of things, Just stop that. Try to kill that voice and just do, and by doing you’re already creating and you’re some kind of artist… and, no one can take that away from you."

Today we discussed the struggles of maintaining a writing routine and the inspiration for writing her memoir, her blog 100 First Dates. We spoke about her reaction to being heartbroken, why a routine helps to maintain a sense of normalcy when freelancing and, how to just get off your butt and start something because now is always the best time. Lisa has so many good pieces of advice, but this stood out to me, self-doubt should never play a factor in your creative journey — Just do, and be happy you did.

Thanks Lisa!


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